16 Apr

How To Be A Great Coach

phil jackson- coaches coach

Ten Tips That Will Help You Succeed

By McKenzie McGoldrick, NCAA Division 1- Women’s Soccer

1. Use positive motivation and be supportive of your players.

2. Know your player’s strengths and position them accordingly.

3. Have experience playing the game and continue studying the game. Knowledge is power.

4. Be consistent in your coaching. Routines help the team understand what is expected of them.

5. Have confidence in your abilities as a coach. Doubting yourself or your players is detrimental to your success. Players will begin to question your credibility.

6. Patience is a virtue. Stay calm. If the players don’t understand a concept right away,  try to figure out a way to explain it that they will grasp.

7. Trustworthiness is key. Players will not follow a figure they cannot trust.

8. Team bonding is essential. Use it to help the team learn that they are a unit and can’t be successful on the field if they play as individuals.

9. Stay fair. Treat all players equally.

10. Finally, keep it fun! Running the team and performing strenuous drills is important, but once fun is absent, the players will feel as if playing for you is a job, rather than a recreational activity.


05 Apr

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01 Apr

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