24 Apr

What to never say when speaking to your boss.

What to never say to boss

If you’re desperate to get fired, there’s several things you can say to your boss that will fast track you to being  jobless. We don’t recommend you say any of these phrases. If you want to be successful in the workplace, it is suggested you avoid these phrases:

-That’s not my job

- I’m too busy

- I can’t meet that deadline

- This is how we’ve always done it

- I can’t work with that person

- I didn’t do it

- I don’t know why that happened

- I need a raise or I’m leaving

- I can’t do it

- This isn’t fair

- I’m so hungover

And of course you probably don’t ever want to curse at your boss. Unless, as stated earlier, you’re goal is to pack up your stuff and hit the streets looking for a new job.

20 Apr

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16 Apr

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